About us

AMAVET club no. 962 (AMAVET 962) has been working from 2015 as an organizational unit of the civic association Slovak Association for Youth, Science and Technology which was founded in 1990.

AMAVET 962 is an educational organization for children and adults with a focus on geoinformatics, opensource and opendata, communication skills and personal development, volunteering.

Club members build a community of geoinformation users (GeoCommunity.sk, GeoCommunity.cz), disseminate awareness of GIS science and technology (GeoInformatika.sk, GIS Day), support personality development and local organizations (Promospravy.sk), promote free and open software plus open data (co-organizer and partner of conferences OSSConf, OSS Weekend, Bratislava OpenCamp), organize activities for volunteers (Missing maps mapathons, blood donation, walking with dogs), practise trainings of speaking and leadership techniques (Toastmasters Petržalka, Toastmasters for families, Toastmasters for youth).